New Fitness for the New Year: Day 1/2














With the new year brings a new workout plan; of course. I’ve always loved and hated the idea of New Year’s Resolutions for a few reasons. The holidays are ridiculously busy and it’s near impossible to keep a consistent routine in everyday life let alone fitness. The New Year just happens to be the light at the end of the chaotic tunnel; especially trying to make our little family’s first Christmas together special. I hate the idea of a fitness related resolution because I would like to ideally stick with a fitness routine year round. With the birth of our first baby (and another on the way), this was not the theme of 2016. Continue reading

Body After Baby: 14 Weeks

blue pants

Just a quick summary of what this post series is about:

While I was pregnant, I made the decision to post my postpartum body-after-baby progress pictures on my blog and Instagram (username: mrskosakowski). This would keep me accountable and motivated to get back into shape. I quickly realized that while I lost the baby weight pretty quick, my body composition was completely altered. My muscles didn’t feel the same and I’ve lost quite a bit of strength. That being said, I decided to change my mindset and forget about what I could do “before”. Thankfully, technique for movements has not left me, just my numbers. I threw out my goal sheet and started a brand new notebook of my current progress and daily workouts. I no longer compare what I’m doing now to what I was doing pre-pregnancy and instead I celebrate each and every new “PR.”

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