About Me



My name is Meagan, I have been married to my best friend since April of 2015 and we have a beautiful baby boy, born March of this year! Nik being active duty, we live quite a ways from our family in Oregon and Kentucky. I started this blog partly as a way to share our lives with our loved ones back home, and share stories and pictures of our growing family. This space has since turned into a way for me to continue my passion of helping people live healthy and fit lifestyles (while still enjoying some good home-cooking!)

Background: A little about me

Currently, I am serving my 5th year in the Air National Guard, and have recently changed careers to Education and Training. I love getting to see so many faces come through the office, and especially sending people off to boot camp! I graduated from Western Oregon University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, and work in the Tucson area as a personal trainer in my free time. I teach classes including CrossFit, kettlebells and “boot camps” as well as assist individuals to improve nutrition and pass their military physical training requirements.








5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Todd Michael Kosakowski says:

    Hmm.found this by googling my family. My name is Todd Kosakowski. Both of my brothers are in the air force and fitness is a constant in all of our lives. I lived all over the country and now have a family in new England. Funny

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